History of Terrestre

Welcome to the world of Terrestre!

In the world of Terrestre there are three Major races, The Dwarves, The Humans, and the Elves. During the time of these major races, the Elves were the first race to make an empire, they had conquered Humanity and the Dwarven race with their magic. They created an aristocracy of Half elves to rule the Humans, and dominated the Dwarven empires with their magic.

As the time went on, the Elven empire wained, and the Half Elf aristocracy (known as the Leasú) grew more powerful, the Leasú went and formed their own kingdoms, such as Albion. Grünland, De Ciel, and Dipinto. The Leasú Kingdoms rebelled with their Dwarven allies, and forced the Elven Kingdoms to recognize their independence.

Centuries laters, with the invention of the airship of a mode of travel, the Leasú and the Dwarves took to the skies! This brought a whole new way of exploration to the Major Races. The race for new territories began and sent the races searching for new continents, the Leasú kingoms had finally been brought into conflict.

During this golden age of exploration, the Leasú had discovered new creatures and races, such as the Nature loving Gnomes, and the powerful Sorcerous Halfilings. But along with discovering the new species and races, the Leasú had discovered evidence of an old civilization of demons and monsters, they had decided to take it to research the evidence.

With the discovery of this artifact, the Elves were losing power, and wanted this new discovery to regain their once magical power, But what they didnt know, was that the artifact had dangerous secrets.

Albion became the greatest cultrual cities of t the world thanks to its many colonies, and its capital city of Tholodon. Tholodon is you home city, and the center of trade. It is a bustling city, packed with traders, refugees, immigrates, and colonists. The Height of art, culture, music, magic, religion, and crime.

History of Terrestre

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